A Fall Afternoon in Strasbourg, France

Hey guys,
ok, so I after I spent a beautiful afternoon in Strasbourg, France the other day, I really feel like you should be able to see the photographic evidence of the beauty I got to witness. Luckily, I live about two hours away from Strabourg so it was possible to spontaneously hop in the car and go for a drive. That's exactly what I did... and I LOVED it. Strasbourg is such a charming city and the Alsace architecture reminded me so much of Germany.
River balconies in Strasbourg, France
Le Petite France - Strasbourg, France

Look at this beautiful part of Le Petite France, isn't it gorgeous? Le Petite France is the Old Town of Strasbourg and it is filled with numerous restaurants and little souvenir shops right along the river.
See for yourself, isn't this the most wonderful-awesomest place EVER? I know, I know. I didn't even want to walk around anymore. Instead I wanted to trade a local and just enjoy a little French pastry with a yummy French coffee. Ha! Ok, enough dreaming, I'm pretty sure you all get the point. I want to live in Strasbourg.
Quai des moulins
I'm in Strasbourg, bitches!
Another thing you might notice right off the bat when traveling to Strasbourg is that there are a lot of tiny cute bridges (similar to Venice, Italy). I really think that it adds to the charm of this little city near the French-German border. I must warn you though, it gets really touristy during German holidays, since it is about 35 miles from the German border. I went during a German holiday and it seemed like being in Germany.
Alsace architecture in Strasbourg, France
Les Mains Dans La Farine
"Les Mains dans la farine" is a typical French bakery/patisserie that sells freshly made breads and pastries. If you are traveling by train, it will be right on the way from the main train station in Strasbourg toward the Old Town - Le Petite France. I highly suggest that you stop and try the authentic "Pain au chocolat" (Chocolate bread) or the delicious "Macaron." In all honesty, I could probably go on and on an list every single French pastry ever made, because a) I love pastries and b) I really really love pastries.
My cool Ked's kicks
Le Petite France - Strasbourg, France
Since the Old Town has a lot of trees and even a decent sized park, I recommend to visit during early fall. The change of colors and that golden shine just gives it a special glow.
My favorite part of Le Petite France are the little balconies that are right on the river. Locals were enjoying their afternoon tea or coffee sitting on their balcony overlooking the water (and the tourists haha). I could totally picture myself living there, grabbing my laptop in the afternoon and blogging while sitting on my river balcony - could life get any better than that? I didn't think so.
River balconies - Le Petite France
I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you have ever been to Strasbourg, don't hesitate to leave your favorite spots or hidden city gems in the comment section, because I'm definitely planning on going back there soon. If you have other European travel destinations, let me know - I'm all about packing a suitcase/backpack and explore more.
- Sam

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