For all the vinos out there...

My tummy is full, I had yummy wine, and I'm happy. What more could I want? Well, to share one of my favorite spots out there.
I don't know if many of you have been to Mainz, Germany before, but if not, you really should. My hometown is a rather small, very charming, university city, located in the south west of Germany. If you have ever heard of Gutenberg, the guy who pretty much invented printing, then you've probably heard of Mainz as well. Anyways, our region is known for extraordinarily good wine - let's just say that I live in what you would consider "Germany's Napa." Therefore, we have tons of wineries, vineyards, and very delicious wine. When I get together with some of my friends it's usually at this very low key wine-house downtown Mainz called "Rote Kopf", which literally translated into "red head." And no, they don't mean gingers, but rather the color your face will turn into once you've had one too many.

The Location





The location is rather small, so when you first walk in, you'll be kind of surprised and probably thinking to yourself "That's it?", but don't, because the real treasure of this spot is the "hidden" wine cellar downstairs. They have converted this little underground cavern into their wine vault as well as a neat place to sit and have a lovely meal accompanied by a delicious glass of wine. It seats roughly 40 people, not more, but it's very rustic and just very cozy, especially during fall/winter. I personally love it. The prices are reasonable. A good bottle of "Scheurebe" (a German white wine you definitely have to try!) will cost you around 11 Euros and traditional German dish, also known as "Hausmannskost", will average around 12 Euros. Not too bad, right? Especially not if you consider the great atmosphere and the fact that you're downtime.

The Wine


If you're more of a sweet, less dry white wine fan like I am, you will definitely enjoy a Scheurebe, also called Säumling 88. Since it is on the sweeter side of the wine spectrum, depending on the type, Scheurebe tends to be very aromatic and you will definitely taste a honey undertone. It is definitely a more fruity type of wine, so not everyone will like it. If you have had it before, you will know the deliciousness of this drink. It's the only wine I drink and I probably will continue on drinking it for the rest of my life. Ugh, change can be so great, NOT!

The Food



This is obviously just an example of the great stuff you can order. It is traditional German cuisine and very regionally influenced. So don't be expecting Bavarian veal sausage here (also known as "Weißwurst"), because, well, you're not in Bavaria. The "Rote Kopf" definitely offers a variety of vegetarian dishes as well, so don't worry if meat is just not your thing. As long as you're hungry and you're down to experience the palatine way of eating, this is your spot.

Do you like German wine? What's your favorite German dish? Have you ever been to Mainz or the Rhineland-Palatinate in general? I want to know so leave a comment in the comment section! :)

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