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Right now, my go to foundations are in three different price ranges and also have three different finishes. As you can also see in this pictures, I transitioned from my extreme summer tan to my very fair natural skin tone. This summer I was very tan, therefore, I had to buy a foundation much darker than my natural skin tone, which I'm currently rocking again. So from left to right we have a drugstore brand called "Catrice", which is sold at "dm" a German drugstore. In the middle is another drugstore brand that we all know and LOVE "L'Oreal", which is sold at drugstores and higher end makeup and beauty supply stores worldwide. And last but not least, we have "benefit", which is considered a more higher end makeup brand.

Lumi Magique by L'Oreal


L'oreal's "Lumi Magique" foundation was definitely my all time favorite summer foundation this year. It is creamy yet light in texture and doesn't feel heavy on the skin whatsoever. After applying it, you'll notice a beautiful glow (hence the name!) and it's just perfect for intensifying that natural glow you achieve with tans. If you have very oily or combo skin, I would definitely recommend using a matte primer as well as setting the foundation with any setting or face powder you own. This foundation is probably the best foundation for dry or normal skin and can be totally worn during the day and at night.
I'm obviously not as tan anymore, therefore, I don't get to use this product as much as I'd like to. But keep in mind that you can keep liquid foundations up to 1 year and a half and they're just like new. So once I build my tan back, I definitely get to use this gorgeous foundation again!

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Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow by Benefit


benefitThis product needs to be purchased over and over again. Not because it won't last long, but because you will fall in love with it and use it on a regular basis. Based on the shade of this foundation, you probably already figured out that I'm not currently using this foundation. It was one of my summer foundations (because I need to switch products every couple of days). My favorite thing about this product is that it is so light weight. It will not feel "cakey" on the skin and it literally let's your skin breathe (as much as skin can breathe with foundation on). In the second picture you can see that the consistency and the texture of this liquid foundation are less dense compared to the "Lumi Magique" by L'Oreal. In fact, you will need so much product for medium coverage. It's amazing.
Again, if you have very oily skin, I definitely recommend setting this foundation as well.

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All Matt Plus by Catrice



Well, this is obviously the foundation I am using at the moment. It's a drugstore foundation and although I have used products that are more high end, I can definitely recommend this liquid foundation to anyone!!! Since I have somewhat oily and combo skin, I need to work with a bunch of tricks to achieve that  flawless matte look and for it to last all day. Until I found this little treasure. As you can see in the picture, the consistency of this foundation is much heavier than compared to the previous two. Since it's more dense, you will not get as oily around your T-zone during the day, hence the nightmare for oily skin is over. I honestly don't even set it with powder, because it truly does what it promises: A flawless, matte look for up to 7 hours I would say. The best part about this product, well aside from the great results and the lovely smell (seriously, when I first applied it I was in awe), is definitely the price: Less than 6 Euros. Hello?! And it has lasted me a little over a month now and the bottle is still half full. Another thing I always appreciate is nice packaging. Well done, Catrice, well done!

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I really hope this review was helpful to some of you. If you would like to read more about beauty products or if you would like me to review other beauty products, please let me know in the comment section!

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