Southern Flair

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Red orange dress
€16 -

Christian Louboutin nude high heel shoes
€775 -

Chloé chloe shoulder bag
€1.235 -

Dinny Hall studded jewelry
€335 -

Linda Farrow over sized sunglasses
€1.080 -

Gucci hydrating lipstick
€35 -

As you can tell, I've been quite the lover of neutral colors as far as shoes, bags, and accessoires are concerned. For a very good reason, obviously. I think that it's just very elegant to sometimes focus on one specific pop of color to make an outfit stand out, instead of it being very colorful all around. 

This specific outfit was inspired by some pictures of the south and I just couldn't help myself. It's perfect for a nice afternoon in some charming Alabama town or to enjoy some delicious Iced Tea on a blazing hot afternoon in Georgia. I love how the red, which is a very strong and dominant color, can be worn with so much elegance can still be styled rather playful and girly. 

Is this a combination you would be comfortable wearing? What do you think about red dresses and with what colors would you combine it to make it day-friendly? Let me know in the comments below!


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