My newest find: Makeup Revolution & I Heart Makeup

Alright, it's time to tell you all about my new favorite drugstore makeup brand. I just recently came across "Makeup Revolution" and their sub-brand "I Heart Makeup." OMG, I simply cannot put into words how amazing the quality of their products is.

Once you start browsing their products you will immediately notice that they like to make almost identical dupes to very popular high brand eyeshadow palettes, blushes, and lipsticks. So if you don't feel comfortable spending an arm and a leg on high end brands, Makeup Revolution is definitely for you.


This is a tiny collage I made of the most recent palettes I bought. The palettes with the roundshaped 32 eyeshadows are the "Flawless" and "Flawless Matte" palette. The quality is superb. Obivously, as with most palettes, there will be eyeshadows that are less pigmented than others, but overall you get great quality for your money. The shimmery eyeshadows tend to be more pigmented than matte eyeshadows, because it is usually easier to work with a shimmery formula. However, I really have to say that the matte palette did not disappoint and that I've been using most of the neutral colors as transition colors in my crease. 

The other two, more slim, palettes are the "Iconic" and "Iconic 2", which are dupes for both the "Naked" and "Naked 2" palettes by Urban Decay. They retail for about a fifth of the price you'd normally pay for the Naked palettes and the colors are, with only a couple of exceptions, spot on. A few of the Urban Decay eyeshadows might be a little creamier and easier to blend, but if you're strictly going for the look, I definitely recommend these two. They also sell the "Iconic 3", which is the dupe for the "Naked 3" palette, but I haven't tried it yet. 

Here you see the comparison: At the top you have the Makeup Revolution "Iconic" palette and underneath is the "Naked" palette by Urban Decay. 

Lips & Cheeks

My very first haul consisted of the products you see in the picture above. A blush, a highlighter and a few lipsticks. These are all by I Heart Makeup, which seems to be the more "young & fresh" product line of Makeup Revolution. 

The packaging of the blush hearts reminds everyone of the popular blushing hearts by Too Faced, only these ones are obviously a third of the price if not less. 

The lip geeks have a similar packaging to MAC lipsticks as far as shape and size are concerned. 

The colors and the pigmentation are awesome. They might not last as long as MAC ones, so you might have to touch your lips up a little bit more, but they're still great quality for the price. And they look so cute, who wouldn't want them on their vanity as display? 

I've also tried some of the "regular" Makeup Revolution lipsticks and I have to say that I like the color range, but they're not as pigmented as the I Heart Makeup Lip Geeks. The finish is more sheer and they don't last very long, hence why I don't think I'll repurchase them. 

Last but not least, my newest holy grail!!! I so, so, so love these Lip Lavas by I Heart Makeup, they're simply amazing. I have been rocking them for days without grabbing for any other lip product. They're sooo pigmented and creamy and last so long, it's amazing. So if you have been thinking about purchasing the "Melted" lip lacquers by Too Faced, you'll definitely love these! 

Do you own any Makeup Revolution or I Heart Makeup products? If so, which are your favorite products? If not, are you going to purchase some of their stuff? Let me know in the comments below!


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