My Favorite Quote

Let's jump right into it, shall we? Because, in all honesty, this prompt has been the one I've been secretly looking forward to the whole challenge. :)

My Favorite Quote

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I could probably post a million different posts about favorite quotes and what not, because I'm a sucker for inspirational quotes, quotes about truths, feelings, experiences, and other things people all over the globe can relate to. I personally think that finding a fitting quote can seriously change how you go about dealing with a certain situation. Just like a good piece of advice, a good quote can totally be an eyeopener. And this is pretty much what this quote has been for me. This quote is by Mary Oliver and ahhh.... it is just so true.

Someone I once loved gave me a pretty big, actually a gigantic box full of darkness. A box of darkness that I obviously didn't want. What I wanted was a box full of shiny rainbows and butterflies and even adorable looking unicorns. But it wasn't my choice, like it never really is in life. We all know about heartache and breakups and this is not what this post should be about. This post is about this little piece of truth and what this enormous box of darkness can and will do to you, once you realize that it is indeed a gift. It will not only be an eyeopener, but you will sort of appreciate it more than the good times, and the little boxes of happiness that were given you. Because the box full of darkness is more than just a disappointing episode, more than sleepless nights while crying. The box full of darkness is a lesson that made you grow. And here's the real, brutal truth about the box of darkness: You will not recognize the lesson until years, and I'm talking about a few years, later.

One day I woke up and felt this sense of inner peace, of freedom. And I stopped chasing something that wasn't there. Something that wasn't even great to begin with but that I had managed to over-glorify, because I just couldn't have it. I just stopped. And that sensation of emptiness inside me faded. It faded slowly but surely to the point of not even knowing why I was sad or why I was even so captivated by those feelings. I realized, that if it was as great as my brain led me to believe for so long, I never would have received that big box full of darkness. It probably would have been a few little envelopes of darkness, because we all know there's no such thing as perfection, but those envelopes would have been followed by tons of boxes full of rainbows, and butterflies, and those damn unicorns.

So, this quote made me forget about the bitter and hurt feelings too. I don't resent that person, who gave me the darkness anymore and I know I never will again. There's no animosity in my thoughts toward him at all. All I can say now is "Thank You!" I thank him for showing me how to tell good from bad and how to know what things I need and want in my life. And that there are no excuses for a certain behavior, because if you love someone, you really truly love someone, there are no excuses for major screw ups. There are just not. And realizing that, made me walk away from an over-glorified mediocre relationship, I was supposed to be in.

I won't apologize for this post being a little "deeper" and more serious than most of my post. It's what the prompt called for. :)

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